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Image by Jason Zhao
Visit the Mighty Victoria Falls

You cannot visit Zimbabwe without visiting the mighty Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world.  Take a walk through the forest and have lunch or a drink at the Rainforest Cafe on your way out.  Entrance fees are $30 for international visitors and $20 for SADC visitors.  No booking necessary.

Eagle 2.jpg
Eagle Viewing at Gorges Lodge

The gorge here is nearly 270 metres deep in some places and over a kilometre wide. The colossal cliffs that provide hundreds of potential nesting sites for raptors create winds and up-draughts that offer an environment perfect for avian predators.  A resident pair of Verreaux's Eagles nest opposite the lodge and hunt in the garden several times a day. Instead of the traditional view of the eagles soaring above your head, here you witness these huge regal birds hunting almost within arm’s reach and at eye level.

White Water Rafting

Take on the biggest Grade 5 rapids in the world.  No white water compares to the Zambezi. This is the most exciting, electrifying and adrenaline-fuelled rafting experience in the world.   Visit

Tiger fish.jpg
Fishing Safaris

Go fishing on the Zambezi with an experienced guide/captain. Whether you’re passionate about fishing or just love a good fishing trip, there are few things as satisfying as doing it on the mighty Zambezi, the fourth longest river in Africa. On the Half-Day Fishing Excursion, you’ll get the chance to catch nembwe, sharptooth catfish, the formidable tiger fish and dozens of other fish species as you become one with nature and take in your stunning surroundings.  Contact:

Bungee Jump

Bungee of the famous Victoria Falls Bridge.  The jump is an 111m four second fall into the gorge where you can watch rafters pass beneath you.  There is also the Bridge Swing and Bridge Slide to try.   Book HERE.

Helicopter over the Falls

The spectacular helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls is known as the ‘Flight of Angels’.  David Livingstone famously wrote on seeing the Victoria Falls for the first time in 1855 that “Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”. Little did he know that 150 years later he could have exactly that opportunity.  Due to the close proximity of Maramba Aerodrome to the Zambezi River, the helicopters are over the spectacular scenery of the Zambezi River within 30 seconds after take-off.  Click HERE for more details.

Croc Cage Diving

For the more adventurous seeking an adrenalin rush predator diving with Nile crocodiles, Zambezi tiger fish and vundu in their 'turf' is an alternate way to cool down on a hot day.  The Predator Diving is handled by professionals and safety is of the utmost will be in good hands and thrilling company!  The crocodile predator diving is situated in the Elephants walk shopping center in Vic Falls

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