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Mabalengwe Safaris specialize in African hunting and adventure safaris and offer access to the Matetsi Unit 1 hunting concession and Mabalengwe Safari Lodge, which we manage and operate. Matetsi Unit 1 provides top quality hunts for dangerous game and plainsgame in an unfenced free-range environment.


The safari concession spans 100,000 acres situated in north-western Zimbabwe close to the famous Victoria Falls. It is one of the best-known and most established safari hunting areas in Zimbabwe with Hwange National Park to the south and the Zambezi River to the north.


Zimbabwean professional hunters are some of the most ethical and experienced hunters in the world having to undergo a stringent selection process. 


At Matetsi Unit 1, vast herds of buffalo, elephant, sable and a variety of plainsgame species are commonplace. Matetsi Lion are world renown for their size and ferocity. 

Non-hunters and guests are always welcome and can either accompany the safari, or just relax and enjoy the thrill and tranquility of Africa at the Mabalengwe Safari Lodge.

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