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Matetsi Unit 1 Team

Community & Anti-poaching Activities

Matetsi Safari Area is classified as a Safari Area in terms of Sec 35 of the Parks and Wildlife Act, and human habitation and movement has been restricted since the promulgation of the Safari Area in the early 1970’s. There are no communities living in the concession.

However, Mabalengwe Africa Safaris are passionate about our neighbouring communities & we do our best to ensure that the benefits derived from hunting filter down to them.  Most of our staff are recruited from the surrounding local communities & have grown up in the neighbouring wilderness & have an intimate knowledge of the terrain & the wildlife.

​Mabalengwe Safaris do invest in other community based self-help projects through which we assist in the establishment of income-generating projects. Examples of these are;

  •  Hwange Baobab Processing Center

  •  Matetsi Rural Tannery

  •  Mabalengwe Meat Processing Project


We believe that when communities derive direct benefits from hunting they are more inclined to protect the flora, fauna, the wildlife & natural resources for future generations to enjoy. 

One of the biggest problems we face in the Safari Area is illegal poaching, mostly done with wire snares or unsuitable weapons, leaving the animals to die a slow and painful death.  We have well-trained anti-poaching rangers who, with support from Zimbabwe National Parks, risk their lives under extreme conditions to protect our wildlife against poachers who are often armed & dangerous.  The activities of these brave men & women has a massive impact on the biodiversity within the conservancy & supporting them is a priority to us.

If you would like to find out more about how you can assist our local communities or our Anti-Poaching Teams please get in touch below.

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